Why should I purchase an Eye Aligner?

Eye Aligner in the cockpit

The Eye Aligner is a must have in all flight bags, from the student pilot to the professional pilot, and everyone in between.

Reduce the chance of a landing accident

Industry wide, landing accidents have been on the rise. A majority of these can be attributed to improper seat height adjustment and sight picture.

Using the Eye Aligner to achieve a consistent sight picture in any airplane will give all aviators the ability to see what they have been missing. The Eye Aligner gives a pilot the advantage of consistency in their seat height placement, as well as obtaining the proper sight picture, in any airplane they fly.

Improve your sight picture

The Eye Aligner takes the guesswork out of where to adjust your seat, as well as where the proper Eyeline should be.

All aviators know that learning to fly is an expensive endeavor. Having a consistent and proper sight picture will produce better landings in a shorter period of time, which will save you money in your training.

Sighting spheres are standard in many aircraft

Sighting spheres similar to the Eye Aligner are already the industry standard in a multitude of light jets all the way up to heavy transport category aircraft.

Sight spheres on Cessna Citation
Sight spheres on Airbus

These cockpit photos above are of a Cessna Citation and an Airbus. As you can see in both pictures, on the center post of the windscreen are sighting spheres that the pilot uses to adjusts their position for proper sight picture.

This guideline should be provided in all airplanes, and now it can be.

Improve your landings with the Eye Aligner

With the Eye Aligner in your flight bag, you will have consistency and proper positioning in every airplane you fly.

As an aviator, you know all too well that there are flights where your landings are spot on, and flights where your landings are well......let’s just say not anything to brag about.

Through research, pilot surveys, and over 45 years of instruction, we have come to the conclusion that improper seat height adjustment and sight picture is the main contributing factor to this inconsistency.

Flying is mostly about consistency and standardization. Power settings, traffic patterns, even ATC communications are consistent. Shouldn’t your sight picture be standardized as well?

The Eye Aligner

The Eye Aligner by Sight For Flight

We are dedicated to giving you the edge you need for consistent and proper sight for flight. The Eye Aligner was designed and patented by a FAA flight instructor and designated pilot examiner with 30 years of experience and thousands of hours of flight instruction.

  • Made in the U.S.A.  Made in the U.S.A.
  • Aircraft Grade Billet Aluminum
  • Lifetime Warranty Against Defects

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Introductory Price!
$89.95 plus $10 S&H anywhere in the continental U.S.

Side View of Eye Aligner by Sight For Flight
Front View of Eye Aligner by Sight For Flight