Eye Aligner Frequently Asked Questions

Why use the Eye Aligner?

We as Pilots need to keep a consistent seat height for our landings and aircraft operation. Until the invention of the Eye Aligner it has been “Hit or miss” with seat adjustment. Use the Eye Aligner. You will be glad you did, as our motto says. “You need to SEE what you have been missing”.

Can the Eye Aligner be used in tail wheel aircraft?

Yes, If your dash does not allow for leveling refer to question no 6.

If a cushion is needed. Which ones do you suggest?

Oregon Aero or Sporty’s Pilot Shop

My dashboard and windshield are close together how do I use the Eye Aligner?

You may need to get a little creative. On our Beaver, we have to place the Eye Aligner on the Co Pilot’s dash and angle it to the Pilot’s view.

What is included in the purchase of the Eye Aligner?

The Eye Aligner and instruction sheet and shipping sleeve to be used as a storage container.

What if I have a tail wheel aircraft with a pitch attitude that will not allow the Eye Aligner to be leveled?

If the Eye Aligner has exceeded its limits for leveling. We recommend leveling on the ground or hanger and the placing it at the highest part of the dash and then sighting thru the spheres for proper seat height.

Can the Eye Aligner be used in flight?

No it is for pre flight ONLY!

Do I need to have any additional paperwork to use it on my aircraft?

No. It is portable just like your headset, plotter, etc.

Is there such a thing as too high in the seat?

Yes, you need the balance of good vision outside the cockpit as well the ability to scan your flight and engine instruments as well as scanning for other traffic.